Choose from our three different levels of resume designs and layouts below.

Level 1 Resume Options

Grey Matters


Remember the days of off-white resumes? They typically don't exist in the wild anymore, which is just one reason to reach for this particular design.

Grey Matters features an top headline of grey background with a darker color to match on the right column. On the right we have icons for your social media profiles to stand out from your competition. Employers do look at your social media profiles so be sure they are in correct working order before hand.

The circle icons highlight your background information as well as your education within the main section of the resume.

Simply Blue


Beautiful layout at an affordable price!  This design allows the individuals to showcase their skill-set within the right column while providing an appealing view of previous experiences within the left column.

The dark right column catches the readers eye just enough to stand out from the typical light resume. Simply Blue features diamond shaped icons throughout the resume to give it that extra touch of class.

Darkly Iconic


Looking for a dark theme resume design? This design features a darker blue background with an outline of white diamonds to highlight each focus area on your resume.

You can also select the white background for an even more traditional look.

Level 2 Resume Options

Striking Red


Striking Red! This resume design really stands out from the crowd with its bright colors. If you are the creative type this format and design fits right up your alley.

The circle icons throughout the resume showcase the About Me, Contact, Skills, Experience, and Education portions within the resume. The red format on the right column gives a hint of class rather than bleeding the blue all the way to the edge.

We’ll add your photo to top off this resume which is sure to stand out.

Cool Orange


Our Cool Orange theme provides a blend of lighter colors with blue and orange.

Social media icons fill the contact section and more traditional icons highlight the Education and Experience sections.

A slight hint of orange lines provide enough highlight to catch the readers eye. Your photo will have the blue tint around the outer edge to make it pop and have it all gel together.

Perfectly Peachy


Perfectly Peachy is one of our all time favorites. Two shades of orange (or peach) highlight the resume design. Your photo will be set inside the top left of the resume outlined by one shade of orange a few pixels wide.

The left column shade of peach catches the readers eye along with classy icons showcasing your talents.

Within the right column we have circle icons that demonstrate your personal skills for a specific application. Each circle is rated on a a scale of 1-10. A border down the left side of the right column brings in a touch of class.

Level 3 Resume Options